Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nash's Big Day

My mom and I got to fly up to Colorado for Nash's baptism last week. What a fun trip we had. It was so good to see Tasha and Jared and all the kiddos...I absolutely love being around them. Don't think I will do any more big trips before the baby is born but I was so grateful I was able to be there for Nash'a big day. We flew up and drove to their house Thursday night and then went to Mt. Rushmore on Friday. It was really cool to see in person. We are gonna have to go back when JP can go with us. Saturday was Nash's baptism and then later we had a birthday party for him. I cannot believe he is 8!!!! I remember sitting in the waiting room in the hospital waiting for him to come. Such a sweet little/big boy and I love him so much. I'm so proud of him and the little man he has become. I am so grateful to get to be his aunt and for all the time I have had with him during the first years of his life. So grateful our little JJ will have such good examples to look up to :)

Sunday we just had church and then got to relax for a few hours before making the journey home. It's nice to visit their little town because both Josh and I get tired of the city sometimes and miss the slower paced life. I loved just spending some time with family. Miss my sister and love her so much. I know we have to grow up and have our own lives but it's always hard to leave those you love. What an amazing family her and Jared have made! What strength they have and how much they have all grown!!!! Love them!

I was interested to see how the kids were gonna react to my big belly once I got there. Anywhere we went, I had Maya on one side and Kyli on the other with their hands on my belly telling everyone "My aunt is gonna have a baby in December and his name is JJ...." Such cute girls...oh how I love them :)

Was a great trip and seeing Nash just made me realize how fast time flies and I better cherish every moment with my little guy because he will grow up fast!

I loved this flag flying as soon as we got out of the car

Jared and the kiddos


Just focus on the presidents in this one

Love love love him!

Handsome Boys!

Cutest Family!

Uncle JP made sure Nash was all Iron Man'd out


Birthday Boy

Pumpkin Heads



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